Saturday, May 2, 2009

No post

I haven't posted anything lately because I haven't done anything. I had plans to send every library in these greater parts a complimentary copy of the book--what other kind would you send a nonprofit organization? But then I counted up the number of copies I have sitting on my shelves. And I realized that the number of libraries far outweighs the number of books. So maybe I'll just narrow it down to my little quadrant.

I also need to restock the book in some bookstores. Yes, one actually ran out of copies. To be fair, it was only carrying one copy in the first place and that copy was purchased by a friend of mine. This is just getting sad.

Have I shared my fantasy yet that one day, I'll be walking through the park, down the street, or otherwise minding my own business and espy a complete stranger reading my book? I'll work up the nerve to say something to the effect of, "Hey that's my book," and start a discussion. I don't even care if they like it. I would just like an honest opinion from someone who does not know me. Fantasy, indeed.

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